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small batch handmade

heirloom pieces

We believe in slow design - that true craft demands time. Every piece we curate is lovingly handmade by master artisans with generations of technique and tradition. Perfect in their imperfections, we believe that quality and craftsmanship define true luxury.


Loomed blankets, braided fringe, wool & leather slippers — all are meticulously handmade. Our bedding is a combination of backstrap and peddle loomed techniques, with each piece taking up to 3 days to complete. Our cottons and linens are locally sourced and are hand dyed using exclusively plant based dyes.


In addition to our core collection, we collaborate with an extensive team of artisans for small batch collections. Bespoke orders for color, size, and customizations are possible for your unique space. Collaborate with our team to help realize your vision.

Contact us at info@sursur.shop

we believe in slow design — hand forged craft that takes time... generations even.